Why Canton Fair?

Many customers who are planning to come to Canton Fair always ask the question “Why Canton Fair?”. Follow me to know Why Canton Fair(Guangzhou).

Canton Fair is world’s largest expo held biannual  in Guangzhou. We are the most effective way to develop the business relationships you need to succeed in China

The feature of Canton Fair Market:

The Canton Fair has established an International Pavilion specially tailored for overseas exhibitors. The International Pavilion of Canton Fair will be held in two phases i.e. Phase 1 and Phase3 in the 117th session as per exhibit categories. Phase 1 will be held in Hall 9.3 in Area B and Hall 5.2 in Area A of the Canton Fair Complex respectively from April 15 to19th, 2015, with a total exhibition area of 15,000 square meters. Exhibits will be displayed as per exhibit classification in three sub-sections which include Electronics and Electrical Household Appliance, Building Material and Hardware, Machinery Equipment. Phase 3 will be held in Hall 11.2 in Area B of the Canton Fair Complex from May 1st to 5th, 2015, with a total exhibition area of 5,000 square meters. Food & Drink and Household Items will be exhibited in Hall 10.2 in Area B, and Fabrics and Home Textiles will be in Hall 11.2 in Area C respectively. Being developed for over 58 years, the Canton Fair has already grown to be a mature trade fair which maintains about 200,000 loyal overseas buyers. It has become a platform for overseas exhibitors to demonstrate company strength, upgrade brand image, and exchange latest information. The Canton Fair will offer grand opportunities for all entrepreneurs to explore market demands, establish face to face contact and cooperation with international buyers, as well as cultivation of the huge potentiality of the Chinese market. Welcome to the Canton Fair with boundless opportunities!

Welcome to Canton Fair(Guangzhou)!