Translation Service

Chinese is official language of Yiwu,foreigners want to do business in Yiwu China,must to overcome the barrier of language.
We provide translate and accompany service for you during your Yiwu businiess trip.Our translater will accompany you all long, and make your business trip smooth & fruitful.

Translate service: USD25 PER DAY

Airport pickup/Transfer Services

We can arrange car to airport pickup you at either Shanghai Airport , Xiaoshan Airport(Hangzhou) or Yiwu airport, and be transferred to your hotel. Please note that there is an additional cost for this service.

Airport pickup,Transfer Services rates:

Yiwu Airport: Free

Shanghai Pudong Airport: USD 120

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport: USD 50

Book hotel

We can help you get best discount at many Yiwu star hotels. We provide our existing and new clients with free Yiwu hotel booking service.However, we are a Sourcing/purchasing agent, not a travel agent. If you are simply looking for discount hotels, please contact the hotel directly.