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Vast amounts of product offers are published daily on the internet and product configurations, prices and avail abilities change frequently and considerably. The number of competitors, brands and product lines on the market is growing while product life cycles are getting shorter. Consumers are aware of this and compare various products on different distribution channels in order to get the best offering. Competitive knowledge therefore becomes increasingly important for manufacturers of computers and consumer electronics to keep up with the rapid changes in online markets and to stay abreast of competition.

Distributor need to follow latest developments in their markets to better position their own offering and to react swiftly on market events. Within the lifecycle of a product the number of competing offers increases. Therefore, it is crucial to execute the appropriate pricing strategy for achieving revenue and profitability targets. An effective pricing strategy using accurate market data for in-depth market knowledge is only possible with a consolidated overview of all distribution channels used by competitors. On-going analytic evaluation of the own offerings versus the market competition is essential to stay competitive and to make informed pricing decisions.



Supporting pricing and product strategies leading to improved revenues and margins

Identifying sale-off events sooner with market monitoring on daily basis

Enriching Competitive Intelligence with dynamic analytic processes

Improving top line and margin results with more profound product marketing & pricing decisions

We help you find best product at best price so you can grow your business and earn huge margin profit .


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  • We know canton fair like no other
  • 10+ years of experience regarding fair
  • Safe and complete trip arrangement
  • Special tie up with hotels and factory which helps you to get lowest price

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